Dealing with challenges

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Doing a 30 day challenge can bring up all sorts of things so its good to be prepared for obstacles along the way which you might not be expecting. How you manoeuvre around these obstacles is going to be essential to making it through the 30 days. The challenge is a valuable opportunity to observe what happens when faced with something difficult and with big potential to test your limits.

Way more than physical ability, the challenge is all about mindset and mental attitude/discipline. Often the challenges we face along the way aren’t physical ones they’re mental. You can use the 30 days as a platform to observe your mind when things get a little hot… both on the outside and on the inside! 😉 

There are familiar voices that turn up all the time – in certain postures, when you’re in a certain mood, when faced with certain things to do. This is your chance to see them, watch them without necessarily doing anything about it, just noticing – what’s the voice saying? This inner monologue will tell you a lot about your relationship with the postures.

You’ll often hear me say once you’ve experienced the posture, let go of it! Don’t muscle your way into it.. breathe your way into it. Be still enough to feel all of the subtle inner movements. Feel all that you’ve stirred up.
Fell the pulse
Feel the breath
Feel the temperature
Feel the circulation
Feel the subtle body, subtle energy now have been made less subtle, less hidden. From the stillness you observe the movement.

After a while your practice is no longer about the postures is about the person doing them..who is that person? What is your relationship like with yourself?

During the 30 days things may come to the surface both good and bad about yourself that has been hidden – patterns of thinking, ways of reacting, mechanisms that stop you from having what you want in your life  – and that’s GREAT…. because that’s where things really shift and change. You burn through them through your discipline and by showing up everyday and being open to whatever your class gives you – it could be joy or frustration – its all good.

Its in the toughest situations that we are forced to grow. We see our old way isn’t working and we find a new one.

When we push the boundaries of what we believe about ourselves, it opens up new pathways with in us and creates different opportunities because we’re forced to let go of old habits and ways of thinking.

We notice things about ourselves we didn’t see before which can be a huge breakthrough and creates the space for change.

Accepting things as they are and not how they should be is such a great life lesson and one that yoga will teach you over and over.

Having a super challenging class can be a really humbling experience. When it happens to me I’m so grateful for the learning… More often than not it shows me my habits/patterns/ego have kicked in and I’ve started to chase the destination rather than focusing on the journey. It keeps me in check and reminds me the thing I’m seeking is who I am when I show up on that mat!!

Your body is going to get leaner, stronger, more flexible and better balanced but the interesting thing is the influence this will have on your mind and emotions. You’ll see how its all totally interconnected and not separate. You are one!

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