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The Studios

Main Studio — The Hot Room

The main studio is our largest space holding up to 40 mats under normal conditions - 20 with socially distanced spacing. The studio has truckloads of natural light due to all the big windows giving it an open spacious feel. The vibe is modern and industrial with concrete walls and vintage fittings. We have installed a high tech, customised Infra Red heating system and rustic wood flooring. We use Rensair air purification units to keep the air in the studio clean and free of bacteria and viruses and natural essential oils to create a clean and fresh environment.


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Studio 2 — The Ambient Room

Our smaller studio is more intimate, with normal capacity of 20 mats, or 10 mats with social distancing, and can be heated with a gentle infra-red heat or not heated at all.

This studio is used for Aerial yoga and classes not requiring any heat such as Kundalini yoga.

The studio is also flooded with natural light and has lovely wooden flooring so it feels warm, airy and spacious.

This studio is available for hire by the hour, half day or full day on an ad hoc basis for workshops, private lessons and filming/photography or more regularly for lessons, classes, training, courses or anything else.

Please get in touch! 07888405106

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Please speak to Raj or Sarah for more information about private lessons or hiring either studio.

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