30 Day Challenge Guidelines

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THE CHALLENGE. The Challenge is 30 classes in 30 consecutive days. 

For the challenge you have to do one class every day for 30 days, creating a new and healthy habit of daily practice and really getting into what that looks and feels like. 

You have one “get out of jail free card” per week, which means if you have to miss a day you can make it up by doing a double class on another day and this must be done in the same week.

The boards in the reception area have been prepped with names so that you can tick off every class as you go. It keeps you on track and is also very satisfying!

Below are a few tips and housekeeping things before we begin on Saturday January 15th.

BOOK YOUR CLASSES – Please remember to book the classes ahead that you want to do for the week. The schedule gets posted on Monday for the week following so you can book week by week. Yin and Aerial classes count however Virtual classes don’t.

If you need to change or cancel your booking, please do it with plenty of time to enable your space to be taken by someone else. We have a cancellation policy of 6 hours for Studio mat classes and 12 hours for Aerial classes, without a late cancellation fee being charged.

SIGN IN. Its really important we have you signed in for every class. Please say hello to reception and let them know who you are so they can sign you in and take your temperature. Don’t miss a class by not signing in! 

MATS: Please remember you will have to bring your own mat. For hygiene reasons we have taken all our studio mats out of general circulation to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We have a few in reserve for emergencies in case you have forgotten one – the fee is £1.

MASK: You must wear a face covering at all times – you may take it off once you on your mat, and while you are practising

SOCIAL Stay connected with us on social in case you have any thing that crops up and want support or if you want to share your progress you can tag us so we see it 
instagram: @suryahotyoga facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suryahotyogawimbledon 

SUPPORT -reception staff and teachers- are here for you 150% and will help you in any way we can. We know there will be times you may need some help and support to keep you going, so please shout out to us in person or online:  We want to see you succeed with as much grace and ease as possible! Its called a challenge for a reason so we’ve written a blogpost on dealing with obstacles that might come up. Please do read it! A huge part of the challenge is about mindset so reading this is going to support you in that. Set your intention…  Lets go for it!! 

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