A Guide To Joining Us Virtually

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A guide to practicing from home/at the office 😉 on Zoom. 

1. Download the Zoom application software onto your device from www.zoom.us/download. You require a free account with Zoom to participate in our Live Online classes. If you don’t have it download it here: https://zoom.us/download (we would recommend leaving time for this so that you can avoid any last minute hiccups before class starts.)

2. Set up your practice space in a quiet area of the house/office with a mat, or alternatively a clean a rug or thick blanket. Candles, incense, essential oils are also nice & help set the mood 🙂 If you don’t have blocks, books or tin cans (maybe not for Yin!) are good substitutes. Pillows, cushions or a rolled up & tied duvee/quilt can be used instead of a bolster 🙂

3. Click the link in the reminder/confirmation email to join the meeting 5 minutes or so before class with your audio and video on so that the instructor can say hello. You can then get settled in relaxation before the class begins.

Other things to note:

* You will be able to see the teacher in full screen and thumbnails of all the other attendees. If not, you can add a ‘pin’ to the Hot Yoga Wimbledon screen to make it the main view on fullscreen

* It is encouraged that you opt to keep your video on if possible so that your teacher can connect and everyone feels like they are still practicing in their community. (Of course this is optional)

* Once the class starts you will need to switch your zoom audio on to mute to reduce noise distractions.

* Please make sure that all notifications that make a sound on your device are stopped or put on mute.

* At the end of the class there will be opportunity to connect with your Virtual HYW community and also give feedback. We are always open to any suggestions/ ideas of how we can give you the best quality online experience.

See you on zoom 🙂

One Comment on “A Guide To Joining Us Virtually”

  1. Hi I wanted to ask if the virtual classes are still going. Also are there any trial sessions to see if this is something I could see myself doing at home?

    I’ve attended the actual classes many years ago but would really like to restart especially doing Yin.

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