Covid Procedures For The Flu Season

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Covid is something we will have to adapt to and live with. However as we come into the cold & flu season a few protocols need to be in place for anyone coming to class for the protection of our (brilliant) community.

  • Please DO NOT come to class if you are ill, particularly if you have a cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell or a high temperature. Stay home (and practice virtually) even if you only have a cold – no one wants to be in class next to someone who is blowing their nose & coughing. If you do have to blow your nose please don’t leave tissues on the ground, bin them immediately or if you can’t, tuck them under your mat/towel to dispose of after class.
  • Socially distanced mat spacings will remain in place as they are.
  • Please continue to bring your own mat to practice on and if you can, props.
  • WEAR YOUR MASK when indoors, except while you are on your mat.
  • Please only use the changing rooms if you really need to change or if you have booked a shower – otherwise please continue to take belongings into the studio with you rather than keeping them in the changing rooms. We want to offer more flexibility with use of changing areas as we come into winter but common sense must be used here – if there are already 4 people inside, wait until someone comes out before going in and keep your distance.

With every choice that we make, we create the communities that we live within. . . . By bringing more consciousness to our intentions and the communities that we create, we can help facilitate that harmonious balance of healthy individuality and supportive community.
Feel the LOVE!

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