Dealing with obstacles

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With so many people signed up to to the 30 day challenge in January I want to talk about dealing with obstacles and also allowing and accepting things to be as they are.

For a lot of you doing yoga every day will be a big step up from your current practice. It takes more time, you will have to plan your schedule and there will be things that crop up along the way which will make it more difficult to get to the studio or tempt you not to come…. Remember the hardest part is getting to the studio!!

Be determined and know that whatever you are saying no to in order to come to yoga you can yes to later, its only temporary.
If something happens and you miss a day, accept it, enjoy your day off and make it up with a double class on another day (But only one per week! ;))

Obstacles are going to to come on your path and part of the process of doing the challenge is learning how you deal with them. What does your mind tell you when you hit problems? What are the things you tell yourself when you’re in a difficult situation? What happens to your behaviour?

You will face both physical and mental challenges… your body will have days when it is really achy/stiff/tired and your mind will have days when its not in the mood/distracted/wants to give up.

This is when the rubber really hits the road and you discover what you are capable of.

Its an opportunity for gaining wisdom.

Its in the toughest situations that we are forced to grow. We see our old way isn’t working and we find a new one.

When we push the boundaries of what we believe about ourselves, it opens up new pathways with in us and creates different opportunities because we’re forced to let go of old habits and ways of thinking.

We notice things about ourselves we didn’t see before which can be a huge breakthrough and creates the space for change.

Accepting things as they are and not how they should be is such a great life lesson and one that yoga will teach you over and over. For example.. wishing you had a different body or different postures than the ones you have just makes you miserable and more stressed.

Having a super challenging class can be a really humbling experience. When it happens to me I’m so grateful for the learning… More often than not it shows me my habits/patterns/ego have kicked in and I’ve started to chase the destination rather than focusing on the journey. It keeps me in check and reminds me the thing I’m seeking is who I am when I show up on that mat!!       

Your body is going to get leaner, stronger, more flexible and better balanced but the interesting thing is the influence this will have on your mind and emotions. You’ll see how its all totally interconnected and not separate. You are one!

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