Gratitude and intentions for 2020

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Every year at this time I reflect back over what’s happened in the last 12 months and look at what I appreciate and am grateful for, what I’m happy to let go of or want to change and what I want to call in for the coming year.

This year I want to focus on:



Personal Growth

I feel this year I need to deepen and expand my personal practice, so I can continue to grow and keep you guys inspired. Yoga is a living practice, which I am always learning from and needs constant nurturing to enable it to flourish. I have signed up to do a Kundalini teacher training starting in January which I am so so excited about!! And can’t wait to introduce it at the studio. I am also going to go to Peru for the month of August to do some trekking, Shamanic healing and personal development.

I’ve felt the community come together this year in the most beautiful way. I’ve watched people process things and go through really difficult times…and I’ve witnessed them change and grow stronger. Its been a gift for me to see how the yoga has helped and supported them through these intense times and grounded them with the things they needed to go through.

Reflecting over the year there have been so many highs and so much to be grateful for.

The thing I’m most grateful for is that we get to do this incredible, healing, self – nourishing, consciousness building thing called yoga together. That we are fortunate to have the means. That the studio has survived and thrived for another year. That people are so generous with each other and that we can share our energy to support each other. That we can grow through this practice. That whatever is happening in our lives we can come back onto our mat and process it and just connect with our breath and be with ourselves. That we are doing a good thing for humanity by working on ourselves, working out our s#*t and becoming more peaceful and grounded, so we are less inflicting on others and ourselves. 

Starting the year with the January 30 day challenge and so many people took part – we started 57 and 42 of us completed – which created a real buzz and such an uplifting energy in the studio. I’m so inspired and motivated by people’s commitment, discipline and dedication to their practice. We just get stronger as a collective!!

We did two incredible retreats. Our Kerala retreat is always the highlight of the year for me and I love going to India. It shows me how special and important community is to the richness of life and our studio. The Meribel retreat was just brilliant – so much fun and adventure in such a beautiful location with a great bunch of people.

Our summer party in August which was a perfect day this year. So many people came and had a drink, shared some food and conversation and even had a boogie on the lawn to Matt’s super funky tunes.. I just love seeing everyone come together. Such kindness again from Max & Mel for giving us their amazing garden for another year.

Plus all the amazing classes we’ve done together, which have given me so much inspiration and joy.

Here’s to a new year full of awareness, abundance and growth. 

Raj x

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