Why Do A 30 Day Challenge?

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In January we focus on the 30 day challenge – building a daily practice into your routine for 30 days. It gives your body & mind a detox and reset, it creates a new discipline into your life and it starts the year with a positive, powerful energy. It shows you the potential of your practice when you are practicing every day.

What are its benefits?

Improve flexibility, strength & posture – repetition and consistency are the keys to progression & change. Daily practice of strength building postures (warriors, planks) and full body stretches (downward dog, camel) will see your body have those incremental changes which accumulates to a make a big difference to your physicality at the end of the 30 days.

All round fitness – dynamic heated classes (Bikram, Vinyasa) get the heart rate up which improves cardio fitness and also works on functional strength training using your body weighted breath control. Yin yoga soothes the nervous system so your body will recover & repair.

Weight loss – because the heat raises your heart rate you burn plenty of calories and fuels your metabolism. Daily yoga also helps to restore hormonal balance which can normalise your body weight. Daily practice strengthens the mind body connection, which leads to more mindfulness around what you are putting into your body as fuel.

Detox – heat with movement makes you sweat and the effect of the postures combined with deeper breathing are all super detoxifiers.

Increase energy – with its unique synergy of body movement with breath work, it naturally builds up your energy reserves. Daily practice awakens and balances the chakras, which are the body’s the main energy centres.

Reduce stress – daily practice of postures, breathing and meditation regulates the stress response centres in the brain, a steady heart rate so you are able to deal with stress in a more flexible way. Daily practice also regulates your sleep/wake cycle so you consistently sleep more soundly.

Breathe better – deeper, slower breathing links directly to the point above about reducing stress and keeps you feeling more relaxed and balanced so you can deal with situations that arise with confidence and calm

Happier – yoga creates creates lots of feel good chemicals in the body such as GABA, serotonin and endorphins and reduces stress chemicals such as cortisol.

More mindfulness – yoga practice shifts your attention and awareness to what is happening in the present moment – the breath, the movement, the sensation in the body, .. mindfulness is a tool which reduces anxiety and increases inner balance

Improve concentration – by reducing mental stress & physical tension through daily yoga you’ll be able to think sharper and have more organised thoughts.

Create new habits & DISCIPLINE  – training the mind through training the body 

Live longer – being physically fit with a steady heartbeat, low stress levels & optimised breathing delays the ageing process which helps to prevent disease so you live longer!

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