Kerala Retreat Yoga Outdoors

Studio 1 - Hot Room

Hot Yoga Class

Our brand new studio is a sanctuary away from the world to cultivate connection with ourselves, restore balance to our bodies and harmonise our inner space, through the practice of breath and movement with awareness.
We add Infra-Red heat to our classes for its health benefits and healing quality. We warn you now… it becomes totally addictive! We encourage you to become still, be silent and look inside.


Studio 2 - Ambient Room

Aerial Yoga Classes

Our second studio is mainly our Aerial room with other non-heated classes in the mix.
Aerial Yoga is an incredible way to deepen your yoga practice and also very effective in assisting with rehabbing the body from injury or back pain. All levels classes are tailored to suit everyone, whatever level of experience or ability you may be at and there’s a beginners class too for complete novices.
Sculpt & Tone combines yoga, free weights & cardio.