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Yoga & Live Music Classes

Bi-monthly Silent Bikram or Yin Yoga with Live Music by EiA & Alex Brenner

Since we re-opened at Surya Hot Yoga in May 2021, we have begun integrating live music into some of our classes.

Music has always been something we've utilised to support yogis in their practice, so the addition of live music has truly brought a new dimension to what we offer here at the studio. With its wondrous ability to heal and power to connect with us on a vibrational level, we are so excited to be pushing the boundaries of how we explore sound in our classes. We now have regular live music in both Yin and Silent Bikram, fronted by yoga teacher and singer/songwriter Alex Brenner and new addition to our team, singer, EiA. It has been an incredibly special and unique experience for all who have been a part of the journey so far.

Alex Brenner is a conscious creator, whose music reaches deep into the souls of his listeners. With melodic mastery and delicate lyricism, he weaves a sacred pattern in tune with the divine. Known for his improvisational songwriting, Alex has been exploring this unique aspect of his work as a support in healing ceremonies and yoga classes. A sensitive heart and a voice that draws from the humble earth, his beauty and honesty brings you into a state of sacred, cleansing presence. 

EiA is a breath of fresh air, her music an invitation to feel into our own vulnerability as human beings. A natural storyteller with a voice that holds space for emotion that is stored deep in the body, EiA is an ethereal powerhouse. An intuitive connection to the earth and a sensitivity to the hearts of everyone, no matter how hard the outer shell, gives her the ability to transform any moment into transcendental bliss. You will not know what has hit you and you won't need to because her voice will become a part of you. There is no one out there who this artist can be compared to and no genre she can fit into. She is a visionary and a leader, paving new pathways in human consciousness with the humility and grace of a cosmic butterfly. Her journey is deeply relatable, and her charismatic, emotional writing is a universal recognition of the struggles we all go through.  In 2020 EiA softly shared her debut single, Orange, which she wrote with Alex Brenner and co-produced and has just released her second self-produced single, My Man. She is at the beginning of her blossoming, and it's going to be spectacular.

These two form an insatiable duo as their skillsets complement each other like the moon and the sun. Their sumptuous blend of musicality and raw, emotive power is a blazing force that lifts you up and leaves you floating in an eternal ocean of conscious awareness. Combined with the restorative practice of yin yoga, these two working in tandem will hold a space for whatever healing is needed in your body, mind and soul.

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