Aerial Yoga For Beginners

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Saturday 12th June 2021 | 10.00am 11.30am
Studio 2, London

Aerial yoga, also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, shares a of lot similarities with traditional yoga. However, there’s a big difference. When doing an aerial yoga class, the weight of your body will be supported by a hammock so you’ll be suspended in the air!
It has wide ranging benefits, particularly for those with injuries, less flexibilty or back pain. Plus its a huge amount of fun! The support of the hammock can be very liberating for body & mind.

What Are the Benefits of Aerial Yoga?

1. Great for Back Sufferers

While everyone can benefit from aerial yoga classes, they’re especially great for people experiencing back pain. Because of the hammock’s support, far less pressure is placed upon your joints. Aerial yoga also doesn’t strain the spine, which is a huge advantage for back pain sufferers. You’ll be able to obtain a full body workout without any discomfort.

2. Helps with Breathing

Controlled breathing is an important aspect of yoga. Aerial yoga allows you to breathe deeply with any restriction. While hanging in the air, you’ll be able to totally relax. Aerial yoga enables you to comfortably maintain every pose. Over time, you can even expect to improve your lung capacity.

3. Enhances Flexibility

In order to maintain a great range of motion, you must consistently work on your flexibility. Aerial yoga class will definitely help you to safely stretch your muscles and tendons. Being suspended in the air gives you more space to move. This means you’ll be able to perform yoga poses that you can’t do on the floor.

4. Stress Relief

Don’t underestimate the stress relief that stems from participating in aerial yoga classes. If you happen to be going through a rough time or experiencing anxiety attacks, aerial yoga will help put your mind at ease. It gives you an opportunity to meditate and focus on positive thoughts (while hanging upside-down!). Beyond just stress relief, the pros of being inverted include increased balance, more energy, and better focus. When you’re inverted, blood flows to your brain and provides oxygen it needs for brain function.

5. Burns Calories

Aerial yoga offers more than just peace and relaxation. It also helps burn calories through the balance it takes to stay control in the silks. Being suspended in the air requires a stable core as you change positions in a way a mat yoga class can’t. In fact, a study performed by the American Council on Exercise shows aerial yoga rivals the effectiveness of aerobic exercise. During a 50-minute aerial yoga session, you have the potential melt away 320 calories. After six weeks, your risk of cardiovascular disease will be significantly lower.

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