Bikram Yoga Standing Series

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Saturday 25th September 2021 | 2.00pm 4.30pm
Studio 1, London

with Raj £25

In this 2.5 hour workshop Raj will teach you all his tips for mastering the Bikram Standing Series. There will be a focus on finding the correct alignment for your body & how the pose fits into your body rather than how your body fits into the pose! We will go through the sequence step by step and giving hands on adjustments so you can feel when you’re in the right position.

You’ll learn the way to breathe properly and how to use your breath as an ally to get more out of your practice, and also how to direct your focus and increase your power and presence so your yoga practice becomes a moving meditation.

Perfect for beginners who are looking to understand the fundamentals of the postures and as well as for experienced practitioners who are feeling stuck and want to tune up their practice.


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