Kundalini Yoga Workshop – Rise & Shine with Samantha Claire

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Sunday 26th January 2020 | 1.00pm 3.30pm
Studio 1

This Kundalini yoga workshop will look into the hybernation cycle of winter and allow us to expand into the understanding of our deepest Joys and sorrows, our light or dark, our strength and weakness and our infinite abundance of love that is all around.

We will be looking at Kriyas that stimulate the Glandular System and Meditations that cultivate a strong sense of self love and wisdom.

This workshop promises to be dynamic and medicine for the soul.

We will also be working with breath, dance and other meditations that you can take home and apply in your everyday life.

There will also be a Kirtan at the end of the workshop which will allow us to open our heart centres and feel the divine vibration of what it possible when we open up this channel of voice and chanting.

Samantha Claire’s website: samantha-claire.com.

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