Sacred Womens Circle & Cacao Ceremony

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Sunday 6th February 2022 | 3.00pm 6.00pm
Studio 1, London

with Sandra Surdu £30

With deep trust and gentleness, we soulfully unite and celebrate one another in a safe and sacred space where to connect to our inner wisdom and divine feminine power, creatively, emotionally, and spiritually. Within a circle is where we women feel held, heard, seen, and acknowledged with a soul soothing and supportive energy, while grounding and harmoniously centre ourselves.
Through guided meditation, breathwork, transformational rituals and embodiment practices, we will dive to the core of our deepest longings, reigniting our passion and enhance our senses of self-love, confidence, healing and clarity. Content:
• Opening Circle
• Cacao Ceremony with Heart Meditation
• Breathwork
• Light Body Activation
• Intention Setting
• Journaling
• Chanting Meditation
• Sound Healing
• Holistic Movement
• Sharing
• Closing Circle
How to prepare: Please eat lightly on the event day and if possible, please keep an empty stomach for at least 3/4 hours before the Ceremony. This is so that the cacao can be quickly and easily absorbed enabling you to go deeper into your journey. Drink plenty of water both before and after the ceremony to stay hydrated. No caffeine to be consumed on the Ceremony day. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the Ceremony starts so you can be settled into the space and comfort.
What to wear : that fairy and comfortable dress that you love the most
What to bring: any crystals, symbols, oracle decks or talismans you feel like to connect with whilst journeying so they can be added to the altar (these you will be taken back at the end of the ceremony); your journal, to write down any insights from your journey; warm layers; water bottle
*This event is not suitable for pregnancy or anyone taking SSRI’s.
*If you are taking antidepressants or HTP5,
*If you have a heart condition or high blood pressure as cacao increases the blood flow to the brain and heart by at least 40%
*If you are sensitive to caffeine
Ceremonial cacao is an ancient plant medicine that opens our heart chakra allowing us to vibrate from the frequency of love and light. Cacao gives us an opportunity to move towards the fullest expression of who we truly are and to manifest our deepest desires with ease and grace.
Allow the Spirit of Cacao to guide you into that magical space of truth, understanding, compassion and connection. This soul medicine will activate your inner wisdom and it will help you transform your perceptions and dreaming into being. Within this lucid journey, emotions can be released, visions can be experienced, messages can come through, and deep peace, bliss and transcendence can be felt.
Cacao is one of the best super foods on Earth. Cacao is rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, chromium, manganese, sulphur, copper and phosphorous. Cacao has therapeutic levels of brain chemicals and neurotransmitters that positively affect mood, memory, appetite, pain perception, feelings of well-being, rejuvenation, attraction and euphoria such as Anandamide (known as the bliss chemical), Serotonin (acts as an anti-depressant, promotes a sense of wellbeing, and enhances your libido), Endorphins (which produce a pleasurable sensation similar to that of an exercise high), and Phenylethylamine (often called the love chemical), among others. Cacao’s main active ingredient is Theobromine, which literally translates as God-Food, and facilitates the release of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Cacao supports memory, immunity, heart health and helps relieve stress and depression. It contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food on the planet. The ceremonial cacao used is raw, organic, vegan, and sustainably sourced from the Tsatsayaku Community in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
About Sandra:
Guided by a deep sense of awareness and through daily sacred rituals and embodiment practices, Sandra feels like a divine responsibility to create a sacred space for women, to connect and honour their essence with deep nourishment and integration while embodying their true power and innate feminine nature; a space of trust and love, where to gather and inspire, sharing wisdom and wonder, igniting curiosity and magic within the completeness of a circle. Her passion for empowering women to remember their Divine True Self and reignite the power to manifest infinite possibilities as creator is shared through these gatherings and Ceremonies, Yoga, Meditation workshops, One to One Reiki, Somatic Therapy, Crystal healing journeys and Holistic Dance. Sandra is also a spiritual artist, jewellery designer, creative writer and mother.

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