Yin & Gongbath

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Saturday 1st October 2022 | 12.00pm 2.30pm
Studio 1, London

with Raj & Corinne Ameura £30

Sound healing combined with the deep stretch, release and relaxation of Yin creates a beautiful, transformative experience, cleansing out the old energy to make space for the new.

Corinne is a certified Gong Master and is dedicated to the practice and teaching of sound healing, and specifically with the gongs.

Everything in this universe is an energetic vibrational frequency including our bodies, our minds, our thoughts. When we bathe in the frequencies of the gongs the harmonics of the sound healing re-tune us on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Corinne also works with different sacred instruments, including Nepalese singing bowls, crystal bowls, conch shells, drums and many others, both ancient and modern, man – made or sourced from nature.

The range of sounds and vibrations bring calm, remove blockages, imbalances and stagnant energy which brings us back into harmony. 

Combined with the deep release and relaxation of Yin this is going to be a special afternoon.

Yin yoga gets deep into the layers of the body by moving through a sequence of postures very slowly and staying in each pose for a long time, anywhere between 3-5 minutes.

These long passive stretches facilitate the release of tension and blocked energy in the connective tissue and the ligaments and help to restore balance to the energy channels of the body.

Limited spaces book early!

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