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Your first time

Never done yoga before?

If you have never done a yoga class in your life, you are taking a step in the right direction.

We understand being a beginner can be intimidating, but come with an open mind as well as a willing attitude. Experience and flexibility are not necessary... you just need enthusiasm and a little positive energy.


Arrive a little earlier

Please aim to arrive 15-20 minutes before your class to allow time for registration. Or you can register online. We ask all first time students to do our introductory offer, a drop-in class is not available.

Late comers will not be allowed entry once the class has been underway for more than 5 minutes.


Start with the right support

We regularly run beginners workshops, which help to guide you in the right way.
In a workshop teachers can give you more individual attention and support as workshops are in smaller groups than a regular class. Yogic principles and postures are explained in greater depth and there is time to explore the practice, understanding how it fits with the body that you have, and with the opportunity to receive hands on assistance and correction from your teacher.

If you are unsure please, give us a call! We love to talk about all things yoga and we encourage you to ask questions whenever you want more information!

Slow is better

It takes time to acclimatise to the heat so please take it slowly, especially for your first few classes and sit down and rest any time. You will find watching more helpful than doing at the beginning. If you’re getting confused with the instructions you can follow people in the front row or just stop and watch for a while. Try not to keep up with the pace of the class.

The correct way to breathe is through the nose – it will take a few classes to master, but breath is the key.

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Before your class

Being hydrated will make a big difference to how you feel. Try to drink at least 1-2 litres of water before coming, take water in the class and re-hydrate sufficiently afterwards. Adding in electrolytes (sodium, potassium and magnesium) to your water will help you to rehydrate more effectively. It takes time to acclimatize to the heat, but it's the heat that holds a lot of the benefits in this powerful Yoga!

Do not eat a big meal in the 2-3 hours beforehand, you want to feel light!

Stick around

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I started yoga two months after my second baby was born. To be honest my body was a mess after an emergency C section, plus I was 2.5 stone overweight.

Yoga helped me to kick start my weight loss and also mend an unfit, weak body.

I no longer have back problems and it has helped me to find a good life balance where I have my time.

I can’t recommend it enough!


Some Hot Yoga Tips

Please stay in the room for the full duration of the class. Practice in silence throughout and try to only drink between postures if possible.

There are a few things you will need for your class, as well as your bare feet and a willingness to try something new. We provide yoga mats at £1 per class but while we are under Covid restrictions you will need to bring your own. You will also need a towel to cover your mat a large bottle of water, and comfortable yoga clothes suitable for heat. We have a water fountain for refilling your water bottle if you need it.

The key is to come regularly in order to acclimatise and receive the benefits… within 30 days you will already start to see a huge difference!

Doing Hot Yoga is a marathon not a 100m sprint.

Once you have adjusted to the heat and your body has gone through the initial opening up and detoxification stages you will start feeling the incredible health benefits from doing Hot Yoga. At first it is completely normal to feel a bit daunted at the beginning, but with a little patience, a smile and a willingness to try you will quickly improve.

Take your time with your practice.

Be patient with yourself as you bring this yoga into your life. The postures will challenge you in many ways and you are different both physically and mentally every time you practise. Work with this to move yourself along your yoga path. Your goals will move closer, and you’ll enjoy harmony of your mind, body and breath. Patience is a gift when we find it in our lives.

Stay in your breath.

The breath is the thread that ties your practice together. Breathing in and out through the nose is your body’s natural way to help you stay present, calm, focused and in control. Lose your breath and you lose your practice. Stay connected and it will become your teacher. It will tell you exactly what you can do, and gently guide you through your practice.

Focus on your alignment.

The way you hold your body directly affects the quality of your postures. First focus on getting the correct alignment of each posture and then the depth will follow naturally. Try not to be concerned by how other students are performing – this is your yoga practice and yours alone.

Stay in your stillness.

When you come out of a posture, try to bring yourself back into your stillness. You will probably feel the urge to fidget or wipe away the sweat. Ignore this if you can. Instead focus on breathing calmly and stay in your stillness (however intense it gets). You will then build clarity, focus, confidence and control into your practice. This will ultimately move into your everyday life too.

Smile (the master posture) and enjoy your Yoga journey.

You will gain amazing new physical and mental qualities. It’s far more about recognising these than about worrying about your final destination.

Special introduction offer goodness!

We recommend that all new students start on our introductory pass which entitles you to attend an unlimited number of classes over 30 consecutive days.

A single class will not give you a full understanding of what Hot Yoga is all about. It also takes a while to get used to the heat and to gain some understanding of the different sequences.

Try to come at least 2-3 times a week during these 30 days to give yourself a chance to get used to it. The intro offer is our “try before you buy” offer to you before you sign up to a package. With a little determination and commitment you can get everything you need from this amazing yoga!