Have you thought about trying Hot yoga but not sure if its for you? Or maybe you're curious about Aerial yoga!

Come to a free 30 minute taster class and try it out. You can do Bikram Yoga, Warm Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Aerial Yoga.

Classes start are from 11.30am-2pm. You can see the schedule and book a class by clicking the button below.

You'll burn calories, stretch, balance and move in every direction, sweat buckets and feel amazing!

Hot yoga will change the way you see yoga.

*Hot yoga has so many benefits such as weight loss, detox, building lean muscle, improving flexibility, lowering stress and calming the mind.

*Heated classes help you to stretch and open the body safely, helping to heal injuries. The heat also raises your heart rate so you are getting a good workout while detoxing through sweating. 

* A variety of classes means you wont get bored and you can try different thing to see what works best for you.

If you like it and want to try it for real we do a Special Introductory Offer, which gives you 30 consecutive days to come to as many classes as you like, for £45. Sign up on the day and we'll give you a £5 discount.

After 30 days you will be leaner, fitter, more confident, less stressed, more calm and focused.

Give it a go...you've nothing to lose and everything to gain 😉

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