Spring Retreat in Kerala

Kovalam, Kerala — April 2023

A yoga retreat is so much more than just a holiday.

A retreat is about clearing some space. A time to disconnect to reconnect - physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives you the gift of time...time to slow down and focus on your health, yourself, go more inward and properly relax.

If you are going through a change or transition of some kind, a retreat really supports whatever you are experiencing and helps you to process what you are going through. We find people have transformational shifts when they come away and in ways they aren't expecting.

Yoga and meditation

We offer two yoga classes and meditation everyday. Usually a more dynamic class in the morning and a yin based class in the late afternoon. It goes without saying increasing the amount of yoga you are doing is going to create a positive shift in your practice. It gets deeper into your body and you start to feel and understand some of the more subtle elements beyond just the physical. You feel great changes in your mind, breath and energy also.

Time for yourself

The days are yours to spend as you wish… laze around and sunbathe by the pool, read a book or go for a quick dip. The beach is a short walk away for chilling, swimming, surfing or going for long walks. There’s also organised excursions to an elephant sanctuary, a boat trip to the back waters and a shopping trip to the capital Trivandrum if you want to explore a bit more too.

Sunet after Vinyasa Yin

Yoga by Kovalam BeachYour Room near Kovalam Beach

The food

We eat really well. The food in Kerala is amazing and so fresh.. lots of fruit, salad, fish and seafood straight out of the sea and local treats like dosa, parantha and pooris.

Ayurvedic treatments

If you really want to work on giving your body an upgrade or have a specific health issue you want to get sorted out we highly recommend booking a treatment plan at Dr Unni's clinic nearby. He gives you a customised regime of daily massages, Ayurvedic herbs and diet and lifestyle recommendations for you to follow, even beyond your retreat.

On our last trip we discovered a local sound healer and Reiki practitioner. This kind of work really complements the yoga in clearing the energy channels of the body, creating balance and helping you process things.

The best thing is the connection… the way people start to connect with themselves differently and also each other. We have fun, we laugh a lot, people make new friends and form close bonds. Its the loveliest thing 🙂

It is time — come with us!

If you've been saying for awhile that you're going to come one year... this year's the year!

Come and experience the magic of India.

Yoga by Kovalam BeachYour Room near Kovalam Beach

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    Photographs from our recent retreats in Kerala