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Aerial Yoga Classes

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a relatively new discipline, bringing two traditions together to form a practice which is both fun and incredibly healing.

In aerial yoga, we use a hammock to support the body, both from the floor and suspended in the air!

Whether you are an aerialist looking to bring a yogic aspect to your practice or you are a yogi wanting to lift your practice off the ground, our aerial yoga classes will provide you with a supportive space to explore the playful nature within you.
There are endless ways we can use this hammock to our benefit, from variations of traditional yoga postures and sequences to full body inversions. The sky is the limit!


The many benefits

* Deepens stretches

* Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression

* Releases tension

* Increases balance and bodily awareness

* Enhances core strength

* Improves breath awareness

* Easier access to inverted postures

* Releases endorphins

* Improves circulation, digestion and respiration

* Boosts confidence!


What should I expect for my first time?

If it’s your first time trying aerial yoga, it’s normal to feel a little apprehensive! Try to arrive a little early so that you can ease into the space and start your class with a relaxed and calm energy.

Our teachers will support you however they can. As with all our classes, there are always modifications of postures to help you work with your body in a safe and comfortable way.

You never know, you might just surprise yourself!

What do I need to wear?

Aerial Yoga can cause friction and rubbing on bare parts of the skin so it is advised to wear leggings below the knee and a long sleeved top - at least covering the arm pits. It is also useful to avoid loose, baggy clothing as this can get caught in the fabric.

You will be asked to remove all jewellery, watches etc.

*** Jewellery can easily snag in the fabric which can cause pain and injury to the student if this tears the skin. It can also damage the material causing weakening of the equipment.

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I started aerial yoga as I was looking for ways to help my sciatica and back pain

After a couple of months my sciatica has completely calmed down and I have no more pain.

Aerial yoga has realigned my whole body and strengthened my core muscles so I no longer have any back issues.

I can’t recommend it enough!


Is Aerial Yoga suitable for me?

Our aerial yoga classes are suitable for all levels of experience. There are however, some contraindications for practicing aerial yoga, specifically for inverting the body.

These include but are not limited to:-

* Glaucoma
* Heart Disease
* Vertigo sufferers
* Extreme high or low blood pressure
* Recent Concussion, head injury
* Herniated discs
* Osteoporosis
* Sinusitis
* Recent experience of stroke
* Epilepsy
* Pregnancy

If any of these apply, this practice will not be for you. Please approach aerial yoga with care and consult your doctor if you have any doubts.

Sculpt & Tone

Sculpt & Tone is a flow class which also combines exercises with free weights and cardio

This class will be a “full all over body fun workout”. It will be upbeat and low impact. No burpees we promise! The focus is building muscle definition by doing higher reps with lower weights.

Build your strength and mobility to assist you in your yoga practice, at the same time sculpting and toning your body. It can increase muscle balance, strength, and mindfulness as well as building endurance.

Vinyasa Flow Experienced

Suitable for intermediate and experienced yogis who already have strong foundations and feel ready to go a little bit deeper in their practice and progress into more challenging postures. This is a deeply physical and high energy class that will build stamina and endurance.

The practice is rooted from the teachings of Krishnamacharya who trained Indian soldiers to increase strength and flexibility of mind, body and spirit.

Although the class will not be practiced in the heat, we generate heat using the power of the breath and movement from the inside out. Expect to sweat and expect to get pushed outside of your comfort zone.

We will also touch on other yogic disciplines such as mantra and breathwork to further explore what it means to practice yoga.