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Testimonial PortraitIn my first hot yoga class I didn't understand why other people were coping so much better than I was. Yoga is a journey during which you slowly learn about your thoughts, your breath & your body. For me it's not about how many classes I can jam in each week, it's about consistently turning up when it's possible. If I make time for yoga, I'm making time for myself & then I'm in a better space in everything else I need to do. Who new what I have learned would be useful in a packed tube at rush hour but I use it. I've been practising hot yoga for 5 years now, slowly slowly things fell in to place, I am still improving & I am 50.


Testimonial PortraitI am a very speedy person, always wanting to see things through to exhausting standards, so it is hard for me - and people around me. Yoga brings me that moment of introspection, of living the here and now, which I otherwise rarely get to experience in everyday life.

In addition to that, there is the physical aspect - though I am miles away from even getting close to the perfect shape, it gives me pleasure to learn a new detail every time I practice, it is good for my body as well as for my mind, and sweating is also an added value, as I feel that I eliminate plenty of toxins. A great, wholesome experience for mind and body.

Sophie P

PortraitI joined yoga because I was approaching my 50th birthday and looking back over my life, the ups, the downs, the baggage I was carrying, my mental and physical health etc. made me realise that one of the best things to have in life is balance. I could run and workout at the gym, but I would still be running with the baggage. Hot yoga appeared have multiple benefits including that mind and body balance that I decided is important in my life.

I did feel vulnerable, I did feel apprehensive, I was sweating, looking like a hot mess, not even half as flexible or slim as all these beautiful people around me but I remind myself that this is my journey. The instructors are very encouraging and the quotes around the studio really help to remind me that this is indeed a journey. I’ve had good classes and bad classes (mostly if I didn’t prepare well enough like drinking enough water or eating too late), but as time goes on I can really feel the benefits. It did take me about 3 months to realise how well it was all going. I’ve lost weight, I no longer hate my arms, I feel stronger and more balanced emotionally. Sweating, losing my balance, not been the youngest and best yogi in the class does not intimidate me; it really is not that type of environment. It is more humbling and beneficial than I can describe.


PortraitI find the heat comforting and the connection to what's happening to me when I am in a class is soothing instead of jarring. I have noticed so many things outside of yoga that have changed and this wasn't even why I was coming

I don't have pain from any injuries anymore or back pain, which I was told was from wear and tear. I am a lot more disciplined in other areas of my life now, making better choices. I have the space to do that now... less restless and anxious. My husband has noticed the changes. I was always hyper active, he says yoga is good for me... who knew!

I got a lot more than I banked on and I can recommend it to anyone at any level of fitness because its about connecting with your internal space and moving with your body not against it, guided by your breath and awareness, which develops with practice.

I can honestly say I was scared at first, but I realised quickly it was of myself and not the yoga or the heat. When yoga finds you it is a gift. Raj and Sarah are the perfect team to take you on that journey. Thank you you guys for saving my sanity… Namaste

Hot yoga has changed my life! I took my first class 2013 and never looked back. I started doing yoga to alleviate back pain. I feel great and encourage everyone to do this yoga. This is true healing from the inside out. My studio is my second home. Hot yoga is the best workout in the world.


PortraitAfter a huge back injury I put tones of weight on due lack of mobility and suffered from chronic pain, sleeping issues, etc. I was told it could not be medically fixed and it was permanent.

So, what did yoga do? It pretty much saved my life! No, I did not need to be a fit size 8 or a gymnast. When I started I was big and it took a little while to get used to it. But I was welcomed and not embarrassed and I even got a warm phone call from Raj when my health had a low. 2 years after, thanks to yoga my pain is so much better; I feel amazing and I have even lost weight. But most importantly I’m happy and I can manage whatever life gives me. Because like Raj says; how you breath and handle yourself in the yoga room is how you’d handle your life.

I know it can be a bit frightening, but be assured you’ll will create a transformation on your life just keep coming back and grow!


PortraitI was introduced to Bikram yoga by a friend and initially signed up for the 20 day special offer for £45. My perception of yoga was so wrong. Bikram, Vinyasa, Yin offered me physical and mental challenges that were overcome by adapting to the heat and focusing the mind mentally to accept yoga.

This wonderful experience is not only for the young and athletes among us but for persons of all ages and abilities. I have been doing yoga since July and at 62 years of age I'm amazed at not only the physical benefits of yoga but also the mental benefits that go with yoga.

I'm totally hooked. My one regret... I wish I had discovered this years ago. So what are you waiting for?


PortraitI didn’t really think that Yoga of any kind would be for me – I had always been into running and squash and generally active sports. But my partner really wants to try it and I thought I would do it to humour her.

I was really surprised, it was tougher than I thought it would be. I had to go a few times before I really felt comfortable with it, but as time has gone by I have really found it has had a profound effect on my core strength, my flexibility and general well-being.

My only regret is I didn’t discover it earlier in my life 🙂


PortraitAfter spending a number of years going to a gym I decided I wanted to try something different, as it had turned into a bit of a chore. I was really nervous about quitting the gym and joining elsewhere, as I had so many friends there and it is what I had done for so long.

Raj and the team are so welcoming and made me feel at ease from the moment I got there.

The studio has given me so much more than I could have wished for and I find myself looking forward to clases every day.

I would urge anyone who wants to give yoga a try to come here!


I'm writing anonymously... why you may ask? Well, the truth may well be that I haven't got the confidence to admit that I have actually found something that I am happy and content with... and truly enjoying!

First of all if you're thinking about yoga, get on with it, give it a go, I dare you...on one condition, don't expect major life changes in the first session, the first month or any given time. It took me ages to get what it was about and its different every time..yoga hasn't got a timeline or a grade. And you can smile through it in fact its mandatory... well when was the last time you saw a happy jogger!

Also the great bit is that you're not judged and you don't compete... only with yourself and that is down to your mindset. We all look for benchmarks but much more importantly it is about how we respect ourselves... that's the mindset bit and you'll need to get your head around that

Just remember yoga is not a quick fix for anything but as I said if you owe yourself anything get yourself down on that mat... its fun and its what life should be about.


PortraitI think it was Buddha that said something like thoughts lead to action, action lead to habits, habits create character and character leads us to our destiny so guard closely your thoughts because your everything depends upon them. Hot yoga is a great tool to examine our own thoughts and cleanse them, whilst getting healthier in every way.

Here's what you should know:

  • whatever physical state you are in before joining is the right state you need to be in to start yoga.
  • the goal is not to touch your toes but to develop a flexible mind by breathing deeply in stretching postures
  • yoga people and particularly the staff, teachers and students at HYW are kind folk

HYW is a very diverse group of people, spanning all ages, races and abilities. I'm massively grateful that they came into my life and I have no hesitation in recommending tham to all.


It is all about…
You, giving yourself the time to switch off from your busy life. It’s a fantastic
Opportunity to really get in touch with your body. There are no
Goals, apart from stay in the room and the ones you set. You learn to
ppreciate what you can do and accept what you can’t do yet.


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  • I have been attending Surya Hot Yoga for a few years which continues to be a wonderful experience. The practice has improved my physical well being and holistic approach to life. The tutors are the excellent in their delivery, nurturing a welcoming community approach. Well worth a visit.
    Richenda Court ★★★★★ 5 months ago
  • I was always reluctant to do yoga, but last week I went to the Surya class with Aurelie in the early morning and I really appreciated it! There was no pressure and I could do it by my own rhythm. The teacher gave me some useful instructions. The place is really nice and I'll definitely come back as soon as I return to London.
    Philipp Hornung ★★★★★ a month ago
  • Starting my practice at Surya Yoga felt like coming home. It is such a warm and welcoming space, with great teachers and a variety of classes. I’m so glad I found them!
    Chloé Winfield ★★★★★ 3 months ago
  • Encouraging, welcoming teachers and clean space offering a great range of choice, including Bikram and vinyasa. Thank you for the wonderful teaching and for spreading the joys of yoga !
    Samantha C. ★★★★★ a month ago
  • I have been going to Surya Hot yoga for a number of years and I love the positivity the classes bring me. The teachers are great and it attracts all ages and abilities. Sometimes I take my daughter who has also seen the benefits yoga can bring. Can't recommend it enough.
    Nicky Walker ★★★★★ 7 months ago