Breath, Heat & Cold

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Saturday 8th October 2022 | 2.30pm 5.00pm
Studio 1, London

with Raj £35

If you’ve been doing any of Raj’s Vinyasa Flow classes recently,  especially on Sundays, you will have experienced some different kinds of breath work techniques he has been teaching throughout the class.

This workshop is ideally for those of you who have already done some of his breathwork classes and builds on what he has been teaching by offering a deeper dive into the process. 

As well as breathing together as a group, we will cover different types of pranayama, kumbakas (breath retentions) and bandhas (body locks) and how to channel these energies through the body.  

Following the breathing workshop there will be a heated Flow practice to get the body and mind in the zone, ready for some deep breathing and then the Icebath Grand Finale.
Another element of this workshop is exploring the contrasting modalities of hot and cold and how they can be used intelligently to activate the body’s natural systems for healing and bring deep focus to the mind.
Spaces are limited so please book early!

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